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Manage and get reminded of your to-do lists, birthdays, and events

From your smart phone to the calendar tool of your e-mail client, many simple tools are capable of reminding you more or less efficiently of any upcoming special date, business meeting, or another appointment. Efficient Reminder is much more than just a simple calendar tool – it is a comprehensive time management tool with calendar, search, backup, and password protection capabilities.

This all-in-one utility is all you’ll ever need not only to forget important dates, but also to keep all your events, appointments, meetings, and all kind of personal or business reminders complete organized and fully at hand. Its calendar tool can be completely customized to fit all your preferences, and it can show you today’s appointments, those due for the next seven days, 30 days, or all of them. Likewise, you can choose to see only those that are still not overdue, overdue, or those of a higher importance. You can also choose among different views – hourly, weekly, monthly, etc. – and sort your events using up to four criteria.

New events are added using a new window where you can enter all the information related to the event itself, alarms, level of importance, attachments, comments, and even set a custom recurrence when required. The app includes an interesting document editor in the likes of Word and Excel to help you append much more than just quick notes. To locate your events easily, the app comes with a comprehensive search engine where you can combine strings, times, and a number of conditions to find just the right event or series of events in one single operation.

When it comes to security, Efficient Reminder offers you various interesting possibilities. First of all, you can protect all your information by assigning a password to the program, so that nobody will be able to pry on your schedule without your permission. The app comes with its own recycle bin, so that whatever information you delete won’t be lost forever until you empty the app’s bin. Besides, you can also back up all your appointments and restore them when needed, so that you don’t have to lose your valuable information when, for instance, moving from one hard drive or computer to a new one. You can also avoid losing all your appointments by installing the program’s free portable edition on a USB memory and thus replicate your calendar on a different machine. However, the most elegant and efficient way of keeping all your events updated and protected is by using Efficient Reminder both on your computer and your smart phone (Android or iOS), which will allow you to have your information fully synchronized at all times easily and automatically.

Efficient Reminder is an excellent event manager and reminder. Its extensive set of features makes it the only tool one needs not to forget a date, a meeting, or a birthday. Besides, its security features guarantee both your privacy and the integrity of your valuable data.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Syncs to any Android or iOS device
  • Backup and restore capabilities
  • Powerful search engine
  • In-built document editor and recycle bin
  • Allows for password protection


  • The interface design looks a bit outdated
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